Our Lady of the Way Parish Emu Plains

Children’s Liturgy


By Marianne Castor

Children’s Liturgy in our Parish happens during the 9.30am Mass on the first and third Sundays of each month.

Children from 3 years to 12 years are welcome. For younger children who are not used to a structured listening activity, we ask that parents bring them along and assist until they are old enough to come alone. Older children are welcome to assist younger siblings and other children. We commence after the penitential rite and return to Mass at the time of the Offertory. The purpose of Children’s Liturgy is to provide children with an age appropriate reflection and practical activity focusing on the Gospel of the day. Sometimes we cover the Sunday before if an important liturgical celebration occurred. Our activities usually include colouring in a scene from the Gospel and completing a worksheet, craft activity or puzzle related to the story. We commence each session with a children’s song such as ‘Join the Circle’ or ‘Alleluia’ and we finish with a recitation of a children’s version of the Creed:

We believe in God, who out of love created the world.
We believe in Jesus, who out of love came to live on earth with us.
We believe in the Holy Spirit, who out of love breathes life through us. Amen.

An added benefit of children’s liturgy is that parents in the Church get to listen and participate in the Liturgy of the Word in a more reflective way. We are very fortunate to have 7 facilitators of Children’s Liturgy at Our Lady of The Way, who share the responsibility on a roster basis. The facilitators all have back grounds and formal training as primary or secondary teachers, childcare workers or as Catechists in the Parish. However, we are always looking for new members of our team.

We have a programme called ‘Join the Circle’ which facilitators can use, although there are a range of online resources as well as Religious Education material to which we have access.

If you would like to know more about Children’s Liturgy, please contact the Parish Office who can put you in touch with myself or one of the team.

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